Romanian Achievements and Records: Part 10

71. The Letea forest, located in southern Romania, is the only place in Europe where there are lianas. (sources 1, 2)

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, one of the most scholarly of English language encyclopaedias, the lianas are “a conspicuous component of tropical forest ecosystems and represent one of the most important structural differences between tropical and temperate forests.” Letea’s uniqueness comes from the fact that it is located far from a tropical zone, as Romania’s climate is temperate continental!

Lianas in Madagascar


Lianas in Letea forest

72. Romania is one of the 5 European countries to have mud volcanos, along with Russia, Italy, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. These kind of geo-excreted liquids and gases are very rare in Europe. (sources 1, 2, 3)

A mud volcano in Berca, Romania

The Mud Volcanos in Berca

A mud volcano erupting in Berca

Berca, a rare place in Europe

73The Statue of Decebalus is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe. (sources 1, 2)

It is 55 m high and 25 m wide and is only six feet lower in height than the Statue of Liberty in the USA.

The Romanian nation was formed from the Dacians and the Romans. Decebalus was the last King of the Dacians.

He is famous for fighting three wars and negotiating two interregnums of peace without being eliminated against the Roman Empire under two emperors. Decebalus always acted as an independent king, rather than a conquered client, and repeatedly annoyed or infuriated the Romans.
Consequently, the Legions under Trajan‘s orders went on the offensive again in 105 AD, reducing the Dacian capital Sarmizegetusa in 106. After that, Decebalus committed suicide.

Dio Cassius, a Roman consul and noted historian, described Decebalus as follows:

This man was shrewd in his understanding of warfare and shrewd also in the waging of war; he judged well when to attack and chose the right moment to retreat; he was an expert in ambuscades and a master in pitched battles; and he knew not only how to follow up a victory well, but also how to manage well a defeat. Hence he showed himself a worthy antagonist of the Romans for a long time.

The Statue of Decebalus

Europe's tallest rock sculpture. The final cost was over one million dollars.

Europe’s tallest rock sculpture. The final cost was over one million dollars.

74. Angelica Rozeanu is generally considered to be the greatest female table tennis player in history. (sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 — another source is a The Enyclopedia of Jews in Sports (Bloch Publishing, New York, 1965) by Bernard Postal, Jesse Silver and Roy Silver)

Journalist René Imbert from French Radio-System-Television called her ‘genius of feminine ping-pong’. (source #3)

Angelica Rozeanu while training

75. Angelica Rozeanu is the only table tennis player in history to win 6 consecutive World Singles titles, male or female. They were achieved between 1950 and 1955. (sources 1, 2)

In Stockholm in 1955 with two Romanian players

76. Angelica Rozeanu also holds the record as the table tennis player, male or female, with the most World Single titles in the history of the table tennis (not only consecutive wins but overall). She had won 6 times. The male with the most World Single titles ever is the Hungarian player Victor Barna who won the title five times. (source)

In 1955 in Bucharest with her friend, Romanian tennis player Ella Zeller Constantinescu