Romanian Achievements and Records: Part 4

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16. Based on Net Index report at the end of first half of 2013, Timișoara has become the city with the highest download speed in the world. Timișoara had a download speed of 89.91 Mbit/s, while the second ranking city Vilnius had a download speed of 52.09 Mbit/s. (source)


17. In 1905, Romanian motorists George Valentin Bibescu, Leon Leonida and Mihail Pherekyde accompanied by two women – Martha Bibescu and Maria Pherekyde – and French writer Claude Anet, made the most daring voyage of those times by three convertible cars, starting from Galaţi (Romania) in April, and reaching Isfahan, the former capital of Persia, in June. Thus, after a perilous journey because of the war in the region, the Romanian motorists made the first intercontinental road trip in world’s history.


  • Les Roses d’Ispahan – La Perse en Automobile, à travers la Russie et le Caucase (1906) – by French writer Claude Anet 
  • La Princesse Bibesco: 1886-1973 (1986) – by French writer and biographer Ghislain de Diesbach

According to Wikipedia, the first intercontinental road trip was made in 1907, which is two years later than this trip initialised by George Valentin Bibescu, so the information from Wikipedia is wrong. However, it’s still one of the first intercontinental journeys by car in history. Here is the page.

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George Valentin Bibescu

18. In February 16, 1903, nearly a year before the Wright brothers first flight, Vuia presented a paper at the Academy of Sciences in Pads on the subject of flight and his proposed design to achieve it. Three years later, on March 18, 1906 Traian Vuia, in his “Vuia No. 1”, was the first person to take off from level ground by engine power alone in an untothered machine. (source)

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Traian Vuia

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Traian Vuia – Montage

19. Sarmiza Bilcescu was the first woman ever to obtain a license in Law from La Sorbonne University in Paris, one of the earliest universities to be established in Europe (it is often referred to as the Sorbonne or la Sorbonne). (sources 123)

20. Sarmiza Bilcescu was also the first woman in the world to obtain a PhD in Law from La Sorbonne University in Paris, and also became the very first woman with a PhD in Law in the world, with the thesis ‘The juridical condition of the mother’. (sources 1, 2, 3)

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. The first woman ever to obtain a license and a PhD in Law from the University of Paris – Sarmiza Bilcescu