Romanian Achievements and Records: Part 3

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11. In 2008, the Romanian alpinist Crina Coco Popescu became the youngest person ever to conquer Mount Damavand, the highest volcano in Asia. She was only 13 when she set this world record. (sources 12, 3)

Romanian Achievements - 11

Corina Coco Popescu

12. Romanian scientist Emil Racoviță was the first biologist in the world to study the arctic life. (source)

Romanian Achievements - 12

Young Emil Racoviță, photo taken in 1897, shorly before his Belgian Antarctic Expedition along with Roald Amundsen, Henryk Arctowski, Antoni Dobrowolski

13. Romanian prince Georges Valentin Bibesco was the 2nd longest serving president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI – The World Air Sports Federation. He was instrumental in founding FAI. As one of the most respected pilots in the early twentieth century (he was unanimously elected president), George Valentin Bibescu held this post for 11 years. Only Roland Bonaparte, who was actually the founder of FAI, occupied longer this position – for 19 years. (sources 1, 2)

Romanian Achievements - 13

George Valentin Bibescu

14. Nadia Comăneci became in 1984 the youngest athlete ever to be given the Olympic Order, the highest award given by the International Olympic Committee. She was only 22 at that time. (sources 12)

15. Nadia Comăneci is also the only person to have received the Olympic Order twice, in 1984 and 2004. (sources 1, 2)

Romanian Achievements - 14

Nadia Comăneci, one of the most famous athlets of the 20th century