About Romania and Her People: Princess Martha Bibescu (Part 2)

In the gentle, yet proud face of Queen Helen is reflected today the soul of the Romanian people from everywhere. The mysticism of royalty has created once again the miracle of the incarnation of a nation into one outstanding being. The greatest need of this nation, lonely by its attributes, as if she was born orphaned, has always been to find a mother. In the toughest days, she was destined to find her in the person of Queen Helen, […] who came from afar to embrace this nation, sweet and smiling, dignified and silent, […]. A mother who never complains, who never blames, who brings her child on the right path, [a mother] without a single bad word or [a word] of despair, of misunderstanding, of unforgiveness: a mother.

About Romania and Her People - Princess Martha Bibescu (Part 2)