About Romania and Her People: Al Bano

The Romanians are a great nation that is a huge resource for Europe. The fact that in Italy some unpleasant episodes have occurred, in which some Romanian citizens have been involved, can not affect in an absolute manner the trust that the Italians must have in those people who work and live honestly, that have been integrating into our nation for many years.

For this reason, I understand to praise again the qualities of the Romanian people, who have always known how to overcome moments of great difficulty, before entering the united Europe with full title.

On the other hand, maybe you still don’t do enough to show the world the true values who are born in Romania. For example, you have an outstanding singer, Paula Seling, with whom I’m happy to sing along every time I have the chance. Any nation would be proud of an artist like her!

About Romania and Her People - Al Bano